Samurais and Ninjas

June 10, 2012
Tags: samurai, ninjas

I am certainly not an expert on the ancient traditions of the Samurai Warrior. I understand that Bushido represents the way of a Samurai Warrior. The Bushi tradition is steeped in: loyalty, self discipline, honor and a Samurai Warrior is always respectful of ethical behavior.

Contrary to the Bushido tradition, the Ninjutsu tradition developed as an opposing force to the Samurai code of Bushido.

The Samurai Warrior valued loyalty and honor above all else.

The Ninjutsu or Ninja’s were not from the same nobility as the Samurai. They were not held to the same code of Bushido. The Ninja code valued accomplishing a mission however possible. They were chameleons. Their covert attacks using poison, seduction and spying were all shameful to the samurai, but fair play by the rules of the ninja.

Okay make a big leap with me. Assume your integrated Self, Self of infinite possibility, God Self, higher consciousness, or any connection to source that is your model for the Bushido. The Self that is full of honor, loyalty and integrity. This might be that voice that says, “I probably should not have done that”, or if you are lucky, “I should not do this” catching you before you take action.

When you live with this level of awareness and responsibility you are creating a life offering honor and integrity to your family and communities. You know what I am talking about. It’s that voice that says let’s not take a short cut.

It’s the other voice of the Ninja that opposes this noble existence.

Well there is relief, as humans we are far from infallible. We all have experiences of Bushi and they are complimented with other experiences of the Ninjutsu.

Your honest self inquiry of the concepts of the Samurai and the Ninja will bring awareness to your patterns that the sneaky chameleon aspect of the Ninja limit you from achieving your vision.

Whenever you are challenged with opportunities that are out of alignment with your truest expression, your integrity, or your fullest expression of your Bushido self, be aware how thin this razor’s edge really is.

Creating a different result outside of the programmed patterns requires: pause, awareness, honestly and action to redirect your attention to a new desired result.

What is your commitment to your personal code of the Bushido?

Be excited to learn the difference between your Samurai Self and the Ninjas that can trick you and misdirect you from your vision. In this model Ninjas can show up as thoughts, beliefs, external temptations or anything that you are not mindfully and deliberating creating.

The New Masculine Heart foundational qualities promote self awareness and honesty to recognize and befriend the Bushido and Ninja’s that exist in your consciousness.

– “This above all: To your own self, be true.” William Shakespear