The New Masculine Heart

May 19, 2012
Tags: masculine, heart, movement

This is the first entry to The New Masculine Heart Blog. Periodically the blog will be updated to offer perspectives, examples and the three principals of The New Masculine Heart, Vitality, Leadership and Heart. The New Masculine Heart offers a path to wholeness for the 21st century man.

As men we have accepted a culture where we have given up on our dreams and our vitality for life. Our emotional intelligence is in a deep slumber. We consume toxic foods creating unhealthy lifestyles. Our minds, bodies and adrenal glands are stressed out and exhausted. We lack purpose and vision for ourselves, our communities and our families.

We are not inspired by much and therefore are not inspiring others. Spirit is lacking and when present often times we are living into religious doctrines that are disempowering.

Broken families exist because men have acted out in their suffering and created a wake of suffering for the women and children in the world.

These are the harsh truths.

Let’s show up as men NOW!

The New Masculine Heart is a movement for many but the movement may not be for everyone.

It will take courage, commitment and desire to make a shift and embody the principals of The New Masculine Heart.

The heart of a man has tremendous strength, adventure, compassion and loving. Who will you be when you consistently show up with these qualities as well as the unique qualities that only you have to share with others?

– “He who knows himself is enlightened” Lao Tzu