What is your purpose?

May 22, 2012
Tags: David Fabricous, Doug McGhee, Denver Colorado, Leadership Coaching

One of my mentors in the men’s movement is an amazing man David Fabricous. David has an incredible story and has shared much with his books and teachings. You can explore more about David from his website


David has created a simple and powerful model to help anyone identify their life’s purpose.

The model was the final piece of a life long puzzle that inspired me to show up as a coach for men and create the content for The New Masculine Heart.

We all have a purpose and many of us have several. The question might be, “what is your purpose today, tomorrow, and so on.” Our purpose is a malleable creation in consciousness.

That said, I feel there is a grander purpose that encompasses all the baby steps that help us to achieve this grander purpose.

I was stuck, frozen and frustrated for years trying to identify the grander purpose. At the same time I knew if I trusted and was willing to take action with yet another step forward the puzzle would become clear at some point.

The irony is that the path to a purpose filled life is exactly that, your purpose. Thrive in the present moment and seek help to clarify the journey.

The New Masculine Heart coaching program can guide a willing man to identify his purpose and aid in the manifestation of his vision.

– “An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox.” Lao Tzu